ONE. About “unism” in painting. (EN)

one word about my work
march 2017
ONE single painting is a single world within its borders. In each of my paintings I am looking for its quiet strength. And I do so in the spirit of “unism”.
                        “The flatness of the picture is one of the symptoms of the unambiguity of expression of line and color. The color is no longer independent from the line. (…) It is related to it, mutually dependent; they form a unity. The elimination of their dualism is followed by the elimination of dualism of the flat surface of the canvas and the volumetric form of the shapes painted on it. The picture aiming at complete uniformity should be the result of its innate qualities (flat surface and square borders).” W. Strzeminski, “Unism in Painting”, Warsaw 1928
And at the same time I am looking for (and forward to) the interaction between the painting and its architectural subject; I am investigating the way the “flat surface and square borders” work on the perception of the space behind them.
Their connection can only be found in the language of abstraction. It requires a translation effort that will always be entangled in our cultural visual conditions (perspective, chiaroscuro, recognition …)
But even these conditions taken into account, one subject has more than one face. My next investigation concerns the painting as constituent element of itself; painting as a module for the viewer to create new compositions, unlimited versions of the ONE.